So you want to fight "wokeness"

OK. You want to take down the reigning ideology of the West. Big goal. How do you do it? The following advice will completely disregard the Constitution. We’re postliberals here, not liberals. *Strictly ban all forms of discrimination against Whites, men, the cisgendered, the non-homosexual etc. Don’t mention any other groups; they already have groups fighting for them. Hanania argues all one needs to do is simply to end civil rights law -this will completely fail, as “wokeness” comes from civil society, not from law. As even Hanania understands, even if it had its origins in civil rights law, it has become self-sustaining, and thus will remain just as severe in the absence of civil rights law. Despite my disagreements with Hanania, it is clear having the law on your side definitely helps. So make it explicit.

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