Der Boomer

Recently, I heard a take from Lion (a Jewish boomer in NYC), that summarizes my anti-Americanism quite well: Yes, the Cold War era, when the South got negro rule stuffed down its throat, when pretty much every conservative cause in America imaginable, whether economic or social, was blown to shreds, was actually fantastic… because Americans hated Russia! Never mind the obvious problems with this claim (the Korean and Vietnam wars did not end as popular), what matters is the mindset it shows. Though one can certainly attribute this nonsense to Jewish Russophobia, I have seen forms of this take far too much from boomers and Xers to fully dismiss as being a peculiar product of Jewish propaganda. The idea that one should replicate the plot of 1984, not for any domestic policy goal, but simply because a whole nation is unified behind hate of the foreigner, is truly evil, one of the most evil things one can think. One should always strive for peace and commerce among nations as a terminal goal, if not a policy that one permanently practices. After Hanoi had finished conquering the South, it did not seek a futile and perpetrual struggle with the United States, but sought reconciliation with the West which succeeded by the mid-1990s. Post-Soviet Russia never sought a perpetrual struggle with the West, but, rather, seeks concrete goals that it could sustain and the West could eventually live with, if not accept. Even the Holocaust was not done for the sake of a perpetrual struggle with the Jewish race, but in order to smash their power (something that mostly worked, if only in Poland, Lithuania, and Romania). Now, certainly the American can argue the same must be done to Russia -but having a conflict just so that your supporters can complain about the other side is really something reminescent of American Blacks. The only reason one could ever think such a thing could be desirable is if one gave zero thought to actual domestic policy, to actual friends and enemies, to what one actually wants -a typical American conservative trait.

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